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Kunshan Chenfang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was committed to the field of environmental protection in 2013. It has rich application experience in the field of manufacturing metal processing, and provides leading companies with the leading experience and application capabilities in daily processing of metal processing coolants and liquids for manufacturing companies. Used in metal processing coolant, cleaning wastewater, die-casting wastewater, mold release agent, film, oxidation wastewater and other oily, slag, surfactant, high COD and heavy metals, high salt industrial wastewater treatment, to achieve the recycling of wastewater, let liquid The use efficiency is maximized, the service life is extended, the waste water discharge is reduced, and the recycling and reuse of sewage is realized.
The company specializes in the research and development, production, sales, engineering installation and operation of new technologies, new processes and new products in the field of industrial wastewater treatment. The industrial sewage recycling treatment machine and the metal discharge cutting fluid zero-discharge purifier obtained the invention patent. The company has a rich management service team for environmental protection equipment production management, marketing and technical support and services. Possessing rich application experience in the field of metal processing, providing leading customers with experience and application capabilities in the processing of coolants and other liquids in daily production for manufacturing customers, maximizing the efficiency of coolant filtration and waste liquid recycling and longer service life ; Reduce liquid replacement costs, reduce wastewater discharge, and achieve water recycling.

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